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Added Value Relationships…

The more value two people add to their relationship, the more the relationship will improve. Of course, I am not suggesting that you continue forever adding value where the other party is not willing to do the same. But I do find in most cases the very action of deliberately adding value or investing in it will result in the other party generally reciprocating.Let us take a marriage as an example. Many people fall in love, get married and work hard at adding value to their relationship for the first year or two. Then the couples get so used to being married that they start taking each other for granted, and without noticing what is happening, they get into the habit of adding less and less value. The man and wife then begin wondering what it was that attracted them to their partner in the first place. If the situation is allowed to continue declining then one or both may start looking outside the marriage for values that they once enjoyed and still desire.

Fortunately, if the husband or wife in the marriage realizes what is happening and then takes deliberate steps to add value to the relationship (as they did quite naturally in the early days) then the other partner will soon notice the change and begin doing the same in their own way. For example, if a man starts paying his wife more compliments on her appearance and remembers to treat her like a lady then the wife will usually put more effort into looking appealing for her husband as well as appreciating and  affirming him.  This is a very simple example of how either party can start the process of adding value again.  This must be done out of conviction rather than convenience. It will need to become a way of life not a once or twice a week practice.

That said, the question to ask yourself in all of your relationships is: How can I add more value? Then identify ways in which you can make each relationship more beneficial for the other person(s) concerned and start adding those values! Not only will your deliberate addition of values to the relationship improve the relationship itself, it will also improve your own self-esteem as a husband, wife, parent, employee, entrepreneur and so on. So go out of your way today and look for something to say, to do or to give that will enhance the relationship.

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