An old man was sitting on his front porch enjoying a nice summer day.  He noticed a young man with a severe limp, walking up the street selling magazines door to door.  When the young man finally got to his house the old man bought some magazines and struck up a conversation with the young man.


He ask him how he got his limp and the young man said he was born with this handicap. The old man then said, I guess life has been tough for you, having been born with this handicap and then having to earn a living by selling magazine subscriptions door to door.  Yes, it has replied the young man.  As the old man continued the conversation, he said, I guess that has colored you view of the world.  Yes, replied the young man, but the good thing is, I get to choose the color.


Whatever life has dealt you -- the good news is that we get to choose how we view it and how we live our life.  We get to choose the color.  

Though I am very proud of our family and thankful to God for our children and grandchildren, I realize we fall short in so many areas. We realize there are no perfect people or families, only those who choose Christ and allow Him to correct and perfect them.  I can say, our children and grandchildren are taught that they are free to choose how they live their life, but also must be responsible for the consequences of their choices. This page will contain articles and stories about people in our lives who have befriended us and helped us. Also difficult circumstances, situations and problems we have faced and overcome, as well as the ones we are still working on.  We hope you will be blessed and encouraged.