I am so blessed to have so many friends around the world. Listed below are just a few long time friends. You will also find more of these friends throughout this website.

rick.jpgRick Godwin

Rick Godwin is the Sr. Pastor at Summit Christian Center in San Antonio, Texas. Rick and I have been friends for over 20 years.

“Ron and I first met in the mid to late 1980’s. I have had the privilege of ministering in his network of churches through the years. I am pleased after walking together these many years to now call him one of my best friend. I’ve discovered with Ron that you can count on him to always be there for you. He is a very generous man who loves solving problems and helping pastors through difficult times.”

Ron HibbertRon Hibbert

Ron Hibbert served several terms as the World Missions Director for the British Assembly of God. He now continues to ministry throughout Eastern Europe and other parts of the world.  Ron and his wife, Gretel, are based in Watford,  a suburb of London and have been our friends and co-workers in Eastern Europe for over 25 years.

“It was about 25 years ago, when I first visited the group of CFC churches in the Rio Grande Valley, led by Ron Corzine, I discovered a governmental structure, based on relationship, that I had been looking for all my ministry life. A group of Godly and Gifted leaders, working within clear lines of Spiritual Authority, secure in themselves and each other, a security that enabled them to cover weaknesses and soar with strengths.

“The whole ethos of this team flowed from the vision of their leader, Ron Corzine. His authority was not based on appointment or self-promotion, but on that which was released to him by those who recognized his unique form of apostolic gifting. His was an apostleship firmly rooted on the understanding that he existed for the benefit of others, rather than they being there for his needs. They were not there to release him, but he was there to release them.

“I commend him to you as an encourager par – excellence and as a special friend.”

Mark KariukiBishop Mark Kariuki

Bishop Mark Kariuki is the overseer of more than 900 Deliverance churches throughout Kenya. He has a weekly television broadcast that reaches the nation. As well, Mark founded Life Celebration Centre in Nakuru, Kenya with a weekly attendance of 8,000. I am pleased to have Mark call me his pastor.

“About 20 years ago my spiritual dad, Alan Vincent, introduced me to Ron Corzine. Now, I had a busy schedule of meetings at which Ron would preach on his first trip to visit us in Kenya, Africa. But upon his arrival at the airport as I was explaining the type of meeting we would have, Ron said to me, “Mark, I don’t want to preach; I want to spend time with you and your family.” Ron’s pastoral heart earned our trust, and eventually he became our pastor. The pastors in Kenya love him and the apostolic principles he teaches. He always makes sure, whether I am in Kenya or the USA, that I am getting plenty of time for rest and relaxation. RON IS A PASTOR TO PASTORS.”

dshearman.jpgDavid Shearman

David Shearman was the Sr. Pastor of the Christian Centre in Nottingham, England for 36 years. In September 2013 David released the congregation to Malcolm Baxter.  David continues to serve God, mainly through his ongoing ministry of training and mentoring the next generation of leaders, who will shape their churches, businesses, communities and beyond. David and Dorothy are truly great friends.

“There are some people you meet in life who, by being who they are more than what they say, impact your life forever. My friend Ron Corzine is such a man. A deep love for God and a strong desire to please Him are at the foundation of his ministry. A love of people, life, and Texas is part of his DNA.

“Ron is an inspirer of leaders, a mentor of many, and a confidant of businessmen. He is a man of wisdom and maturity with a servant’s heart and a generous spirit. You can tell I like him a lot!!!!”

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