It’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it…

Slide12222222It happened 59 years ago. It was a wonderful moment in my life. It set in motion what now is. It was the day I received the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

I can still remember it just like it was yesterday. The church my dad pastored in Denison, Texas was preparing for a tent revival meeting. The tent was erected and old slat benches were placed over the sawdust-covered ground. I was a nine-year old boy and the evangelist Daniel Vestal Jr. was just thirteen years of age. His father Daniel Vestal was a well-known Baptist evangelist and friends with my preacher dad. Out of their friendship my dad gave his young son the opportunity to preach his first revival.

It was a hot sultry summer night, and at the conclusion of his message when the young evangelist said, “would anyone like to receive the gift of eternal life given through Jesus Christ?” I quickly moved to the front where dad was standing and said, “I do.” With tears in his eyes we knelt together and prayed, and the great transaction took place. I simply believed and received and I entered into the life of God. And this was the beginning of what He had planned for my life. Even as a nine year old, I knew something wonderful had happened. I must admit during a few of my early teenage years I traveled some back roads that I should not have taken, but it didn’t take the one who now lived in me long to get me back on the right road.

I do enjoy from time to time calling to remembrance this time in my young life. Of course it is not the memory that keeps me going, but the life I received from God and my daily walk with Him

Fifty-nine years later I still believe, and I’m enjoying more everyday my relationship with God.

So… it’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. And He is my life and I’m stickin’ with Him.

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