Traveling Light

Traveling can be equally enjoyable and frustrating. Enjoyable, because you’re embarking on a journey, full of new adventures, replete with twists and turns. Frustrating, because the baggage you carry along the way often seems to get heavier and heavier.


Life is like that, too.


In Traveling Light, Ron Corzine offers “traveling tips” to lighten your load on your journey through life, including:

  • Eight life-changing principles that will keep your relationships healthy and strong 

  • Practical insights into how you can welcome Jesus into your everyday life

  • Sage advice on how to do your best and surrender the rest


Why carry heavy luggage when you only need a carry-on? Lighten your load and learn how to leave behind fear, worry, doubt, and negative thoughts, so you can enjoy life as God intended.  



Above all, Ron Corzine is an intentional encourager. During his pastoral ministry he planted churches across Texas and traveled to 30 countries, compiling four million frequent flyer miles. He lives in Ft. Worth, Texas with his wife Anne and spends his extra time mentoring pastors and enjoying his three children and eight grandchildren

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